Cat Ears (Not Custom/Ready to Ship)
  • Cat Ears (Not Custom/Ready to Ship)
  • Cat Ears (Not Custom/Ready to Ship)
  • Cat Ears (Not Custom/Ready to Ship)

(Clearance!) Cat Ears (Not Handmade)


Good for a kitten on a budget,or someone that doesn't want to wait. The ears are NOT handmade by us,simply altered. They are great as they're affordable,but you'll be sacrificing some quality. Excellent quality for the price! Ear spacing is adjustable,but you can't pose them any other way. 

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Please read our Shipping & Processing page BEFORE ordering. It is located in our "INFO" category in the shop menu. Delivery estimates at checkout are only the time for your order to arrive, AFTER the order is made and shipped out. :)

What makes these different from your other ears?
- These are NOT handmade by us
-These are not customizable in any way
-These are soft and floppy,meaning they will not hold any poses. Our handmade ones however, are soft but structured,an hold the shape you bend them in.
-These are not wired and our handmade ones are.
This mean you can't adjust how folded they are. They will not have as much of a 3D look as our handmade ears.
-The inside of the ear is made of a very thin cotton material (almost translucent)and ours are made with velvet or fur.

These ears are the best quality we could find out there for ready to ship,however they are significantly different from our handmade ears. They are still adorable,but we would still recommened our custom ears if budget or time is not an issue for you <3



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