30" Angora Fox Tail
  • 30" Angora Fox Tail
  • 30" Angora Fox Tail

30" Angora Fox Tail


This tail is approx. 13"at it's widest point :) Fur length is 4" long. Tail is photo is fully wired. Every tail comes with an elastic tab at the base,so you can feed any ribbon tie or pin through.  Tails come with a pin by default,but you can purchase ribbon ties in multiple lengths/colors HERE

Do you want wire inside the tail?


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Options in wiring for tails

  • No Wiring- You will get no wire at all in your tail. 

    This is great if you want a free flowing squishy tail! 
    Pros - Best option for tails with plugs because it's lighter,and can be moved around with ease. Also good for people who don't care about the tail being curved,and just want it to sway and be soft :) It's the lighter option so you can curl it around yourself or lay/sit on it without it looking stiff. 

    Cons - Without wire it will lay down straight. This means you cannot curl it and it will hang down naturally. If you want it to have a curl this is not the option for you. :)

  • Half Wired- We will put wiring in the bottom half of the tail.

    Pros - This will allow you to curve it up but also have the benefit of the tail not appearing stiff on the upper half of the tail. This is a good option is you are on the fence!

    Cons - Cannot pose it as well as a fully wired tail because it can only be posed on the lower half meaning you can only make a smaller curl. 

  • Fully Wired- The tail will have a waterproof base at the top of the tail where it attaches to you,and wire through the entire tail. The base helps to keep the tail centered and not flop to one side when fully curved.

    Pros - Best for posing! Allows you to create more shapes with the tail than half-wired. Would recommend for cosplaying,photo shoots,or events. If you want a tail that can be bent any way you'd like. 
           - Tails longer than 18" will still have good bounce when curled

    Cons - You sacrifice some movement because it is stiffer due to the wire. It will still have bounce,but it won't sway as much.

    Additional Info

    Stock photo is a FULLY WIRED tail. Recommend if you want it to be really fluffy,because it forces the fibers to poof outward. :)

    Keep in mind this is a bit thinner and coarser than our standard white shag. The fibers are thinner so be careful storing and brushing this tail. I'd suggest hanging your tail up and only using a very wide toothed brush when needed. The benefit of this fur being coarser than shag is it won't matte over time as much as a shag fur.  The movement is really great because the weight of the fur is light. There are less fibers overall though..but it really helps with the movement in this case.

    We only have this in white,and only had 2 yards to work with so when this is gone I really cannot guarantee if we will ever see it again. 

    Fully wired has a "base". This means there is a plast square at the base of the tail,and the wire is attached to that. This ensures the wire stays centered,and keeps the tail from flopping to either side when you have it curled,and are moving about :) Because our "Big Cat" tail pattern is very wide (twice a wide as our standard cat) there is TWO polypro tabs with fully wired specifically. This ensures the base of the tail stays firmly against your back,so you can move around and not worry too much about your tail not staying in place how you want it. With no wiring or half wired,it will just be one tab because two is not required <3


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