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18" Fox Tails
  • 18" Fox Tails
  • 18" Fox Tails

18" Fox Tails ( Pick Your Color! Shag/Lux)


Every tail comes with an elastic tab at the base,so you can feed any ribbon tie or pin through. Tails come with a pin by default,but you can purchase ribbon ties in multiple lengths/colors HERE

Shag is soft and only made in solid colors.  Lux furs are different in texture,and are denser.  The natural colored lux furs tend to look more realistic.

Do you want wire inside the tail?
Fur Color


Please read our Shipping & Processing page BEFORE ordering. It is located in our "INFO" category in the shop menu. Delivery estimates at checkout are only the time for your order to arrive, AFTER the order is made and shipped out. :)

Wiring options for tails

  • No Wiring- You will get not wire at all in your tail. This is great if you want a free flowing squishy tail! 
  • Fully Wired- Great for posing! Really good for cosplaying,or photo shoots. If you want a tail that can be bent any way you'd like,but are fine with sacrificing some movement,fully wired is the best option!

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