Here is  quick explanation of our statuses,and what they mean. If you want to know more about where your order is in the queue, feel free to send us an email. :) 

All orders start off with the status "Payment accepted, order in queue"
. This means your order is waiting to be made,as all of our items excluding Friday Release items are made to order. "Made to order" means the item is made after you order it. It is the same thing as a pre-order. 

Because others placed orders before you,we need to work on their orders first. This is why there is a queue, and why their is a processing time.

The processing time includes the time for us to get to your order,as well as the time to complete it. You can find our processing times here 

When we start your order we create a bin, with a tag. The tag has your order number on it,and a list of the items we need to make. Depending on the items in your order, it may go to several locations before completion. 

Ears - "With Tina" or "With Sara" will be the status of your order if the ears are currently being made.

Ears that are finished but need to be trimmed, will be then go to the status "Needs Trimming

Tails - "With Dorina" will be the status if the tail is currently being made. Dorina makes all of our tails! If you have a tail in your order it will go to her. 

Collars,Leashes,Cuffs,Bows - "With Jess" will be the status.  Anything ribbon or faux leather will go to Jess. 

Piercings for ears, and chokers - "With Katelynn". This is the same Katelynn who answers your emails! :)

Once the order is finished, it goes into the status "Sent to quality check". Because our items are hand made and we care about our quality, we have two people check over every order to ensure everything is correct, and the quality is good. :) Some times orders will go back to previous statuses for quick touch ups,then back to quality check to ensure everything is 100% 

Once the order passes quality check, it will go into the status "Order Packed - Waiting for label". This means the order is all packed up, and we need to print the shipping label. After the label is printed, the final status is "Shipped". 



After your payment is completed, please wait until you are redirected back to our shop. Do not hit the back button. Thank you.