We do take some custom orders, if it is something we can do. All custom orders are subject to our processing times. If you would like a custom order, please give as as much information as possible, so we know what you are looking for. 

Ears - If you want ears in a shape we already have on the site, but in different colors, please send us a reference photo or link(s) to the style(s) of ears you like. We have many patterns, so simply saying "cat ears" for example, is too vague. If you aren't sure of what ears to get, even stating how tall you want them in inches will help us to know what pattern to work with. :) Some of our ears have fabric inside,some have faux fur inside. Some have fluffs in the front, some do not. We would suggest you take a look at the ears offered on the site,to get an idea of what you would like. If you want an ear shape not available on the site we can make a custom pattern. Any references images would be helpful in this instance. 

Tails -  We will need to know how long of a tail you would like in feet or inches, and the style (cat,puppy,husky,fox..) We have examples on our site, so you may find a style of tail you like on here already,but just want to change the colors. We can make something totally unique. In those instances please send us a reference photo if possible. If you would like any wiring in the tail, please let us know. 

Collars - Please give us your neck size, and ideally a reference photo. If you do not have a photo or sketch, please let us know the colors you would like, and possibly link us similar styles from our website. We make buckled,tie up, pleated, you name it. There are many styles out there so any information you have on what you are going for is helpful. 



After your payment is completed, please wait until you are redirected back to our shop. Do not hit the back button. Thank you.